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Building Industry Brands

For Brands read publishers of all the available building contracts, pricing books and building and wiring regulations used in the UK Construction Industry.

Construction Contracts

We supply all of the published contracts from all the various organisations involved in the construction process:

ACE (Association of Consulting and Engineering)

The ACE publishes contracts for the appointment of consultants and engineering professionals, that are industry standard documents, up-to-date and offer flexibility for both clients and consultants. The Agreements and Schedules of Services are sold separately to allows clients and consultants to tailor services to match the specific requirements of a project.  

ICC (Infrastructure Conditions of Contract)

The ICC contracts offer an alternative to other forms of construction contracts, plus other specialist forms such as Archaeology investigation, ground investigation, Network Rail approved Railtrack versions and separate Target and term versions.

CIP (Construction Industry Press)

The CIP Publish numerous specialist contract documents for the industry which includes DOM/1 and DOM/2 sub-contracts for use with JCT contracts, a simpler Short From of Subcontract for use with most contract forms, the Scaffolding contract and Handing Over certificate, Fire Prevention on Construction Sites and the latest Working Rule Agreement for the industry.

JCT 2016 (Joint Contract Tribunal)

The latest 2016 versions of the JCT contracts are generally recognised throughout the industry as the standard building contract.  The JCT has expanded its range of contract forms to reflect the changes in the way building works are procured.

IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology)

As well as producing the Wiring Regulations which governs all electrical installation work in the UK and the supporting reference books, they also publish the MF/1 Rev. 6 standard contract for electrical installation works.

NEC (New Engineering Contract)

The ICE publishes the NEC contracts, now in its fourth edition NEC4 and all its supporting guides and how to use and manage the various forms.

RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects)

The RIBA publishes its own contracts and forms of appointment for using an architect. There are various forms for both Domestic and Commercial types of work.  In addition there are forms for other professional services as well as for Interior Design (BIID).

RIBA also produces contract administration forms and guides for use with the JCT 2016 contracts.

Pricing Book

Pricing books are the essential industry tool for quantity surveyors and estimators for costing every type of building and construction projects both large and small.

 BCIS (Building Cost Information Services)

BCIS is an arm of the RICS and publishes a range of Pricing Books cover different aspects and types of building works from the Major New Build works, Alterations and Refurbishment, Small Works, Maintenance works and the more specific Painting and Decorating pricing book.

Griffiths One of the longest established pricing books

Griffiths Building and Civil Engineering Price Book is also available in USB format and is for works up £1million in value and small works and repair work of around £50,000.

Hutchins also a long established book first published in 1945

Hutchins Priced Schedules book is inteded as a pricing guide for small works and maintenance projects up to £250,000 in value.

Laxton's has been published annually for nearly 100 years.

The Laxton's Building Pricing Books are available in both the old SMM version, still favoured by many in the building industry and the new NRM (New Rules of Measurement) version introduce by the RICS in 2013 and now being adopted by many of the other books.

Spon's Pricing books published for over 140 years

Spons Pricing Books are primarily for new build construction and cover the four main areas - Architects and Builders price book for works over £4million, Mechanical and Electrical Services, Civil Engineering and Highway Works and also External Works and Landscaping.