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Construction Industry Contracts from Regulating Organizations

UK building contracts and construction price books are necessary tools for any construction project. They serve the purpose of setting the legal framework between the contractor (person doing construction) and their employer (person paying for construction), allowing them to work through all the details of their construction project.

Once the contractor scopes out his cost estimates with an up-to-date price book, they lay everything out in the construction contract. Building contracts include necessary details such as costs of the project, payments, working period and control of the works. Also other items, such as architectural/building specs, any planning permissions, health and safety issues and changes in the project. It also clearly lays out the timeline for completion of the project so that all parties involved know what's expected of them.

Without construction contracts, projects would inevitably miss deadlines, costs would bloat, and quality would suffer. That's why we supply UK construction contracts from all major regulating organizations, including JCT, ACE, RIBA, NEC and more.

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ACE (Association for Consultancy and Engineering)
ACE Agreements
ICC Infrastructure Conditions of Contract

CIP (Construction Industry Press)
DOM/1 and DOM/2 sub-contracts
Short Form Sub-contracts
Scaffolding Contract
Fire Prevention on Construction Sites

IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology)
MF/1 Electrical Contracts

JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal)
JCT 2016 Contracts

NEC (New Engineering Contract)

RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects)
RIBA Forms of Appointment
RIBA Guides to JCT Contracts
JCT Contract Administration Forms

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  • JCT Minor Works Building Contract for small simple  construction projects JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2016

    JCT Contract

    JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2016

    Publisher: Sweet & MaxwellDate Published: June 2016 ISBN: 9780414052543 Binding: Paperback Current edition: MW 2016 Previous editions: MW 2011, MW 2005 (Revision 2 2009), MW 1998 The JCT Minor Works Building Contract is the best selling JCT Contract...

    MRP: £42.00
  • ICC Sub-Contract 2017


    ICC Sub-Contract 2017

    Publisher: ACE/CECA ISBN: 9781910865217 Format: Paperback Published: 01 April 2017 ICC Sub-Contract 2017 Sub-Contract for use with the ICC With Quantities Version. Intended to be compatible with the full ICC suite as it is developed it recognises the...

    MRP: £29.00
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