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Hutchins Priced Schedules Price Book 2020 1

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Publisher: Griffiths & hutchins Publications Ltd
Edition: 71st
Format: USB STICK CODE: HUT-2020
Publication Date: 01/11/2020

The USB stick is ideal for builders, tradespeople and surveyors on the go or who like to access pricing information on-screen, this handy USB sticks provides the book in PDF format. Simply connect to your computer and access all of the same detailed pricing information as in the hardback version.

The PDF is copyright-protected and allows the reader to print a copy for their own use if required. With the conditions of a building site in mind, the USB device was chosen for its durability, and, with a screw cover, it is designed to be waterproof to 100m.

From the first edition, published in 1945, Hutchins Priced Schedules Price Book has been a trusted companion to busy builders, tradespeople, surveyors and estimators looking for accurate pricing information. It is ideal for small works and maintenance construction projects up to a value around £250,000.

This new edition for 2021 has undergone a root and branch update, ensuring it continues to accurately represent both current practice and materials used across the trades. The prices given in the book represent a UK average, with location factors included to enable more accurate pricing for each region of the UK.

Ideal for builders and a range of trades, surveyors, estimators, self-builders, and local government and public authorities. Intended as a guide for pricing small works and maintenance construction projects up to a value around £250,000. Up-to-date with plant and material prices at second quarter 2020.

Labour costs incorporating current wage agreements from the Building and Allied Trades Joint Industrial Council (BATJIC) and the Joint Industry Board for Plumbing and Mechanical Engineering Services (JIB-PMES). More than 6,000 prices with detailed build-ups. UK-average prices with location factors to enable more accurate pricing regionally. 2021 edition updated with expanded sections, including on windows, doors and roofing. Includes a detailed section on local authority grant-aided construction works.

If the reader is unfamiliar with the use of pricing books, then reading the introductory section is recommended as a help to understanding the approach that has been taken. Hutchins also has advice on preliminaries which can only be priced when specific circumstances are factored in, including site administration and security, water, lighting and power for the works, temporary arrangements for telephones, accommodation, and traffic regulation.

Although it has been superseded by SMM7 and more recently by NRM2, Hutchins is still updated in accordance with SMM6, the 6th Edition of the Standard Method of Measurement, due to its continued popularity and comfort of use among our readers.

The measured unit rates are shown as both net and gross pricing levels which allows for a 10 percent profit which can also be altered according to your requirements.

Price: £160.00


General Guidance
Local Factors

Excavation and Earth Work and Concrete Work
Brickwork and Blockwork
Floor, Wall and Ceiling Finishes
Plumbing and Heating
Glazing, Painting and Decorating

Steelwork and Metalwork
External Doors
Asphalt Works
Electrical Work
House Renovation Grants, Repairs and Alterations
Drainage, Sewerage and Public Works
Detailed Table of Contents

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