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ICC Ground Investigation Version

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Publisher: ACE/CECA
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781907660436
Published: 01 Aug 2011

Like the measurement version of the Infrastructure Condition of Contract, the Ground Investigation Version is based on the traditional pattern of an investigation designed by a Engineer and carried out by a Specialist Contractor.

These Conditions are intended for the situration where the Employer wishes to develop a site and has geotechnical specialists to advise him and who will carry out any initial desk study, identify the geotechnical requirements of the project and design a ground investigation to suit those requirements.

The Investigation may include all or some of the following:
• Site operations including drilling, digging pits, surveys etc.
• Ancillary Works, being permanent items left behind, e.g. piezometers.
• Laboratory Testing
• Reporting requirements The extent of these will vary depending on the needs of individual projects and whether the purpose is for feasibility study of a full design investigation.

This new document maintains the concepts set down in the ICE Conditions of Contract Ground Investigation Version, first published in 1983 and updated in 2003.

• Acknowledgements
• Contents of Infrastructure Condition of Contract
• Index to Infrastructure Conditions of Contract
• Infrastructure Conditions of Contract Ground Investigation
• Definitions and interpretation
• Engineer and Engineer's representative
• Assignment and sub-contrating
• Contract documents
• General obligations
• Materials and workmanship
• Commencement time and delays
• Liquidated damages for delay
• Certificate of substantial completion
• Outstanding work and effects
• Alterations, additions and omissions
• Procedure for additional payment
• Property in materials and contractor's equipment
• Measurement
• Provisional and prime cost sums and nominated sub-contrats
• Certificates and payment
• Remedies and powers
• Avoidance and settlement of disputes
• Application to Scotland and Northern Ireland
• Notices
• Tax matters
• The construction (Design and Management) regulations 2007
• Special conditions
• Form of tender
• Appendix to form of tender
• Form of agreement
• ICE form of bond
• Contract price fluctuations

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