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ICC Measurement Version

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Publisher: ACE/CECA
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781907660450
Published: 01 Aug 2011

The Infrastructure Conditions of Contract Measurement Version, which is based on the former ICE Conditions, is a contract form which has become one of the main forms of standard contracts for UK civil engineering and infrastructure work.

This new Measurement Version has been drafted by Clients, Consultants and Contractors to provide a clear and standardised contract specifically tailored for civil engineering and infrastructure projects. It is endorsed by the sponsoring bodies namely the Association for Consultancy and Engineering and the Civil Engineering Contractors Association.

The Measurement Version is based on the traditional pattern of Engineer-designed, Contractor-built Works with valuation by measurement. This form of contract is intended to provide a comprehensive and clear set of conditions with a fair balance of risks between Employer and Contractor and with administration by an independent engineer.

If the procedures as set out in the Contract are followed, the parties to the Contract are provided with a co-operative form of contract that should prevent or reduce delays and allow control of costs at any stage of a Contract. Major changes that have been incorporated into the Infrastructure Conditions of Contract Measurement Version relate to:

• The Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 and amendments under the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009.
• Dispute resolution procedures
• The CDM Regulations 2007
• The Form of Bond This new Measurement Version replaces all its predecessorsand is expected to remain one of the main forms of contract for UK civil engineering and infrastructure works.

• Index to ICE Conditions of Contract
• ICE Conditions of Contract
• Form of Tender
• Appendix to Form of Tender
• Form of Agreement
• Form of Bond
• Contract Price Fluctuations Civil Engineering Work Clause (CEW)
• Contract Price Fluctuations Structural Steelwork Clause(SS)
• Contract Price Fluctuations Civil Engineering Work and Structural Steelwork Clause(CEW/SS)

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