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ICC Target Cost Version - Guidance Notes

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Publisher: ACE/CECA
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781907660498
Published: 01 Aug 2011

This publication provides guidance to the Infrastructure Conditions of Contract Target Cost Version, which encourages active collaboration to reduce costs by sharing expertise and jointly managing risks in an open working environment, within the framework of the Infrastructure Conditions of Contract suite of contracts.

It encourages the Contractor to be more closely involved in aspects of design, provides for payment to the Contractor on a cost reimbursable basis and an incentive share arrangement if the costs differ from the target.

A more open style of control and management, which permits an early and joint approach to the identification and management of risks, obliges parties to recognise and understand each other’s objectives and promotes closer working relationships.

• Introduction
• Contract documents
• Overall concept
• Choice of Target Cost Contract
• Matters for the Employer to decide during the preparation of the Tender Documents
• Tendering and Contractor Selection
• Award of the Contract
• Operation of the Contract
• Engineers role in a Target Cost Contract
• Notes on specific Clauses
• Appendix 1. Bond
• Appendix 2. Worked Example
• Appendix 3. Proforma
• Appendix 4. Retentions

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