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ICC Target Cost Version

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Publisher: ACE/CECA
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781907660481
Published: 01 Aug 2011

This publication will help towards delivering construction projects on time by enabling better client-contractor collaboration. The contract allows the employer, usually with the assistance of the contractor, to set a clear target for the cost of the civil engineering works to be carried out, in order to avoid projects overrunning on cost and deadline.

The contract also encourages the contractor to be more closely involved in the project from an early stage, such as project design, and provides an incentive for the employer and contractor to share profit or loss if the costs differ from the original target. To utilise the Target Cost Version effectively, a more open style of control and management is required which will permit an early and joint approach to the identification and management of risks.

This is intended to lead to better channels of communication between client and contractor, at every project stage. The Target Cost version - the newest member of the Infrastructure Conditions of Contract family and has been produced due to industry demand.


• Definitions and interpretation
• Engineer and Engineers Representative
• Assignment
• Sub-contracting
• Contract documents
• Contractors obligations
• General obligations
• Materials and workmanship
• Commencement time and delays
• Liquidated damages for delay
• Certificate of Substantial Completion
• Outstanding work and defects
• Alterations additions and omissions
• Procedure for additional payment
• Property in materials and Contractors Equipment
• Provisional Sums and Prime Cost Items
• Certificates and payment
• Remedies and powers
• Avoidance and settlement of disputes
• Notice of Dispute and amicable dispute resolution
• Adjudication
• Arbitration
• Appointments
• The applicable law
• Notices
• Tax matters
• The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007
• Special Conditions
• Form of Tender
• Appendix to Form of Tender
• Form of Agreement
• Form of Bond List

Price: £ 33.00

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