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Repair & Maintenance Contract

JCT’s Repair and Maintenance Contract is designed for use on individual projects that involve a defined programme of repair and maintenance works to specified buildings or sites. This contract is primarily for use by local authorities and other employers who regularly place small and medium-size contracts for jobbing work and are sufficiently experienced that an independent contract administrator is not required.

Features of projects using a JCT Repair and Maintenance Contract:

  • The pricing and payment structure can be flexible, as the employer can seek quotes on the basis of a fixed price, daywork, or other rates, using either a Schedule of Rates or all-in labour rates in a Schedule of Hourly charges. Payment can be made either by a single payment or by stage payments.
  • There is no provision for a contract administrator, so the employer is expected to be experienced in letting contracts for work of this kind and will typically be used to handling contractors’ accounts
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  • JCT Repair and Maintenance Contract

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    JCT Repair and Maintenance Contract

    Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell Date Published: March 2017 ISBN: 9780414058248 Binding: Paperback JCT Repair and Maintenance Contract Commercial (RM) 2016 Current edition: RM 2016 Previous editions: RM 2011, RM 2006 (Revision 2 2009) Appropriate: The...

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