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Keating on NEC

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Author: David Thomas
Edition: 2 Rev ed
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
ISBN: 9780414034181
Format: Hardback Pub Date: 30/12/2021

With the publication of the NEC4 contract, David Thomas and the team at Keating Chambers provide analysis of both NEC3 as it is used in practice, as well as a commentary on the changes introduced by NEC4, giving readers guidance on how to draft and use these contracts.

Features: Provides commentary on the two key NEC contracts: the Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) and the Professional Services Contract (PSC) Reproduces clauses and provides clause-by-clause commentary explaining how the contracts are intended to operate Highlights ambiguities and questions of interpretation that arise and makes reference to relevant case law.

Written by leading barristers experienced in advising on NEC contracts. Delivered in a clear, practical style. New to edition: Provides commentary on NEC4 clauses, alongside those of NEC3, so that comparisons can be easily made

Price: £345.00

  3. ECC Section 2—The Contractor’s Main Responsibilities;
  4. ECC Section 3—Time;
  5. ECC Section 4—Testing and Defects;
  6. ECC Section 5—Payment;
  7. ECC Section 6—Compensation Events;
  8. ECC Section 7—Title;
  9. ECC Section 8—Risk Allocation and Insurance;
  10. ECC Section 9—Termination;
  11. ECC Section 10—Dispute Resolution;
  12. ECC—The Contract Data;
  13. PSC Section 1—General;
  14. PSC Section 2—The Parties’ Main Responsibilities;
  15. PSC Section 3—Time;
  16. PSC Section 4—Quality and Defects;
  17. PSC Section 5—Payment;
  18. PSC Section 6—Compensation Events;
  19. PSC Section 7—Rights to Material;
  20. PSC Section 9—Termination;
  21. PSC—Dispute Resolution;
  22. PSC—The Contract Data;
  23. PSC Section 5—Payment;
  24. PSC Section 6—Compensation Events;
  25. PSC Section 7—Rights to Material;
  26. PSC Section 9—Termination;
  27. PSC—Dispute Resolution;
  28. PSC—The Contract Data

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