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Scaffolding Contract 2018

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Author: Contractors Legal Group Date
Published: June 2018
Document Type: Paperback
ISBN: 9781852631529
Product Code: CIP1529

The Scaffolding Contract 2018 is the current version form of contract for the erection, hire and dismantling of scaffolding. The Scaffolding Contract has written by and endorsed by the Contractors Legal Group (CLG) and the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) so is considered a fair contract produced by people on both sides of the supply chain.

It can be used for any scaffolding works whether on a small scale house extension or multi million pound multiple level contract.

The 2018 version includes amended Schedules of Rates tables taken from the NASC's recently updated guidance note CG11:17 Preparation of Schedules of Rates, and update references to TG20 Good Practice Guidance for Tube and Fitting Scaffolding.

Written in a simple easy to understand format, the Scaffolding Contract is designed to take away the headache of what contract to use for scaffolding works.

The contract is increasingly recognising it as a default document when agreeing terms and conditions with scaffolding contractors.

The Scaffolding Contract provides an alternative to some of the long and complicated contracts produced by some professional bodies.

Anyone commissioning scaffolding works will find the Scaffolding Contract a welcome whether being used on small jobs or larger projects.

The document also includes conditions covering items such as the scaffolding contractor and the main contractor's responsibilities.

It deals with the period of hire required for the scaffolding, dates of commencement and dismantling of the scaffold, costs for any extra hire, health and safety considerations, instructions for any changes to the scaffolding structure and the basis for pricing those changes, payment to the scaffolding contractor and ending the contract.

In addition there is an agreement to have any disputes decided by an adjudicator as well as the right to go to court. It clearly list each parties rights and responsibilities and is in an easy to follow format.

It also contains a helpful and easy to use schedule or rates of commonly encountered scaffolding items which the parties can price at the outset to minimise any concerns in respect of the cost of changes/variations that may be required to the scaffolding while the works proceed.

CONTENTS Definition Scaffolding Contractor's Obligations Contractor's Obligations Main Contract Commencement and Completion Contractor's Instructions Variations Indemnities and Insurance Liability for Fragile Roofs, Surfaces and Adjacent Premises Ownership/Title of Equipment Contractors' duty of care and scaffolding contractor's responsibility for equipment, Consents Licences and Permits Extensions of Time Payment, Suspension, Determination Service of Notices Reckoning Periods of Time, Third Party Rights, Disputes Law and Jurisdiction, Scaffolding Schedule of Rates. 

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